Average Cost of Mold Removal In Ottawa

Mold removal is a serious process that aims to remediate and cleanse your household of all airborne and physical traces of toxic black and green mold spores. Many people won’t even be familiar with the cost and processes involved until they may, usually by surprise, find out they have air quality problems. Understanding how this problem can affect your home and how you should best go about removing it so you can live safely with your family.

How Mold Can Affect Your Ottawa Home

First, it is important to realize the difference between mold abatement services in Ottawa and how dangerous having even minimal traces of mould can be to you and your home. Studies have confirmed that even non-visually confirmed sources can have a negative impact on health without you even knowing it. Most notably, asthma sufferers may find their symptoms are irritated further and non-asthma sufferers may find skin irritation or respiratory problems pop up. Not to mention the structural damage that long term un-addressed mold can cause to your residential or commercial properties.

Many Ottawa property owners only deal with the mold removal process when it gets quite serious. However we would recommend getting full air quality and mold inspections twice a year. The moisture caused by the seasonal spring melt will inevitably make it into your home or seep into the foundation and if left unaddressed can do serious harm. Mold inspectors in Ottawa have the equipment nessecary to detect even minute traces of harmful mold bacteria without ripping up your walls or homes foundation. The idea that even an inspection causes this much damage is a misconception and Dave from The Mold Remediation Pro’s of Ottawa refutes it by noting that molecules in the air can be detected without destroying property. “We now have the equipment so we can just get down in your basement crawlspace or around windows and that is enough to find out if there is excessive moisture in the air and if it’s at dangerous levels”.

Preforming these tests can be a cost efficient way to catch any problems before they become bigger and more severe. The average residential mold inspection and test can yield results in 24 hours and cost a few hundred dollars. Contrast with with a full scale mold remediation effort on the same property, you are looking at upwards of $5,00 – which may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance.

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Mold Problems In New Homes

Mold is a problem many people think they might not have to worry about if you’ve invested in a new home especially in the Ottawa area where home inspections are all but made mandatory. However surveys show that mold and water damage problems are just as common in new residential and commercial properties as they are in older homes and rental properties. Since health can lead to some very obvious and serious health and respiratory issues. The building processes themselves are best tweaked to get the chances of mold damage as low as possible. For home builders, inspectors and even savvy homeowners these tips should help in spotting mold problems before they balloon and get out of control.

  1. Your foundation should have a high quality and sturdy barrier to keep moisture out. Without a source of moisture or water seeping in, the chances of mold forming is almost entirely eliminated.
  2. The foundation should be solid when your new home is built, and this starts with the actual mix in the concrete and should include sufficient waterproofing mix. Many homeowners completely disregard the ‘health’ of their foundation and just remove mold as it appears. This is faulty and by diagnosing the problems with the initial foundation you can avoid tons of problems that might not even occur otherwise.
  3. Verify that either your plumber or Ottawa foundation expert can insulate all incoming and outgoing water lines. A leak here can not only be expensive to fix, but can be a source for mold growth that you may not be aware of. The type of mold you see in your bathroom is easy to notice and deal with, but you can have mold growing in non-visible places and growth can be severe without you even knowing it. The Mold Remediation Pro’s based out of Ottawa can help with their expedited inspection, testing and removal services which have helped homeowners all over Eastern Ontario for years.

Keeping the value of your investment intact is crucial for getting an ROI out of commercial properties. An annual or semi-annual inspection while it might seem like another nuisance expense can be the difference between a catastrophic water damage scenario and normal maintenance expenses. Contact our Ottawa mold removal professionals for a free visual inspection and lets get your home safe today!

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Local Ottawa Solutions For Toxic Mold

Mold remediation contractors can be an excellent ally to have when it comes to making your home livable after a water damage or mold problem. There are many solutions on the market now, but not all of them are considered safe and able to FULLY remove all traces of visible and invisible traces of mold. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find the right person for the job so you can have confidence in the air quality of your home. Make sure that you take a very serious look at all the options for mold removal and testing in Ottawa before deciding who to trust with access to your home.

Finding Local Ottawa Mold Remediation Providers

It’s easy to search for the right contractor now especially since there are a lot of available resources online – Google, Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook, etc. You can just look up local providers in your part of Ottawa online and call them to get basic availability and pricing. Though the steps are pretty clear, the problem is that you don’t really know whether they are that good or not as you have no background in this field either. Therefore, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of screening potential mold contractors in Ottawa yourself, you can also hire a company to do the job.

Homeowners insurance does cover mold related problems, testing and inspection especially when it has been caused by water or storm damage. So in most cases they will recommend one of their trusted vendors and simply deal with the payment themselves. Since mold has such serious health effects and needs to be dealt with fast, the time spent shopping around for the best price should ideally be minimized. In the case you do end up shopping around for your own mold remediation contractor there are some steps you should take to make sure your experience is flawless.


1. Confirm your selected provider is approved by your current insurance plan. This goes without saying, but even if you just need an air quality test, get it covered and approved by your homeowners insurance.

2. Each professional mold abatement company should be listed with the National Association of Mold Remediatiors and have proof of them passing the training and certification program offered by the above association. You don’t need a guy showing up with a bucket of rags and some bleach, you want the professional remediator who will find and remove every trace of mold keeping your home safe for your family, friends and lets not forget your pets.


Emergency Mold Removal Services in Ottawa, ON

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Mold can be one of the most dangerous issues Ottawa home-owners can ever face. Unfortunately it is the case that many people do not know how to deal with it themselves or even worse, feel it can be removed through unsafe means such as warm water and soap. While this can definitely be true in certain cases, mold is usually more dangerous than people know or are willing to admit.

Why Should I Hire Ottawa Mold Remediation Professionals?

Many people might be wondering how valuable the services of professional mold remediation in Ottawa can be if mold can be removed by the home-owner themselves. The reasons are very clear, basically there are certain strands of mould which are very dangerous, most notably black mold which can have severe health effects. These can range from skin irritation, fatigue, and even increases asthma symptoms. Given the fact that most mold infections are not visible to the naked eye and can spread very fast, it is highly recommended that if you feel you have a mold issue you consult a professional.

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

Many people will try and remove mold themselves using many home remedies or spray solutions available at your local hardware store. While this is an acceptable strategy for troublesome mold that may appear around your bathtub, it is unacceptable for larger scale infections that can cause adverse health effects. Furthermore, even if you are successful in treating the visible mold spores, you can never really be sure about the true extent of your problem without hiring an Ottawa-based mold testing company.

Most importantly and often overlooked is the fact that your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of mold remediation and inspection services so we would highly recommend not pinching pennies and investing in proper air quality testing and mold removal services. Even if you are unsure of the degree to which your water damage has evolved into a residential mold problem mold testing and inspecting is a definite must. There are so many small areas that are out of sight where mould can flourish and grow without you ever finding out. Professional air quality inspectors have specialized equipment that can detect minute traces of mold that grows behind drywall, in vents and generally areas you don’t look on a daily basis. As aforementioned, these types of services may be included in your home or business insurance coverage.

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