Mold Problems In New Homes

Mold is a problem many people think they might not have to worry about if you’ve invested in a new home especially in the Ottawa area where home inspections are all but made mandatory. However surveys show that mold and water damage problems are just as common in new residential and commercial properties as they are in older homes and rental properties. Since health can lead to some very obvious and serious health and respiratory issues. The building processes themselves are best tweaked to get the chances of mold damage as low as possible. For home builders, inspectors and even savvy homeowners these tips should help in spotting mold problems before they balloon and get out of control.

  1. Your foundation should have a high quality and sturdy barrier to keep moisture out. Without a source of moisture or water seeping in, the chances of mold forming is almost entirely eliminated.
  2. The foundation should be solid when your new home is built, and this starts with the actual mix in the concrete and should include sufficient waterproofing mix. Many homeowners completely disregard the ‘health’ of their foundation and just remove mold as it appears. This is faulty and by diagnosing the problems with the initial foundation you can avoid tons of problems that might not even occur otherwise.
  3. Verify that either your plumber or Ottawa foundation expert can insulate all incoming and outgoing water lines. A leak here can not only be expensive to fix, but can be a source for mold growth that you may not be aware of. The type of mold you see in your bathroom is easy to notice and deal with, but you can have mold growing in non-visible places and growth can be severe without you even knowing it. The Mold Remediation Pro’s based out of Ottawa can help with their expedited inspection, testing and removal services which have helped homeowners all over Eastern Ontario for years.

Keeping the value of your investment intact is crucial for getting an ROI out of commercial properties. An annual or semi-annual inspection while it might seem like another nuisance expense can be the difference between a catastrophic water damage scenario and normal maintenance expenses. Contact our Ottawa mold removal professionals for a free visual inspection and lets get your home safe today!

mold remediation pros


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