Average Cost of Mold Removal In Ottawa

Mold removal is a serious process that aims to remediate and cleanse your household of all airborne and physical traces of toxic black and green mold spores. Many people won’t even be familiar with the cost and processes involved until they may, usually by surprise, find out they have air quality problems. Understanding how this problem can affect your home and how you should best go about removing it so you can live safely with your family.

How Mold Can Affect Your Ottawa Home

First, it is important to realize the difference between mold abatement services in Ottawa and how dangerous having even minimal traces of mould can be to you and your home. Studies have confirmed that even non-visually confirmed sources can have a negative impact on health without you even knowing it. Most notably, asthma sufferers may find their symptoms are irritated further and non-asthma sufferers may find skin irritation or respiratory problems pop up. Not to mention the structural damage that long term un-addressed mold can cause to your residential or commercial properties.

Many Ottawa property owners only deal with the mold removal process when it gets quite serious. However we would recommend getting full air quality and mold inspections twice a year. The moisture caused by the seasonal spring melt will inevitably make it into your home or seep into the foundation and if left unaddressed can do serious harm. Mold inspectors in Ottawa have the equipment nessecary to detect even minute traces of harmful mold bacteria without ripping up your walls or homes foundation. The idea that even an inspection causes this much damage is a misconception and Dave from The Mold Remediation Pro’s of Ottawa refutes it by noting that molecules in the air can be detected without destroying property. “We now have the equipment so we can just get down in your basement crawlspace or around windows and that is enough to find out if there is excessive moisture in the air and if it’s at dangerous levels”.

Preforming these tests can be a cost efficient way to catch any problems before they become bigger and more severe. The average residential mold inspection and test can yield results in 24 hours and cost a few hundred dollars. Contrast with with a full scale mold remediation effort on the same property, you are looking at upwards of $5,00 – which may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance.

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