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Mold can be one of the most dangerous issues Ottawa home-owners can ever face. Unfortunately it is the case that many people do not know how to deal with it themselves or even worse, feel it can be removed through unsafe means such as warm water and soap. While this can definitely be true in certain cases, mold is usually more dangerous than people know or are willing to admit.

Why Should I Hire Ottawa Mold Remediation Professionals?

Many people might be wondering how valuable the services of professional mold remediation in Ottawa can be if mold can be removed by the home-owner themselves. The reasons are very clear, basically there are certain strands of mould which are very dangerous, most notably black mold which can have severe health effects. These can range from skin irritation, fatigue, and even increases asthma symptoms. Given the fact that most mold infections are not visible to the naked eye and can spread very fast, it is highly recommended that if you feel you have a mold issue you consult a professional.

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

Many people will try and remove mold themselves using many home remedies or spray solutions available at your local hardware store. While this is an acceptable strategy for troublesome mold that may appear around your bathtub, it is unacceptable for larger scale infections that can cause adverse health effects. Furthermore, even if you are successful in treating the visible mold spores, you can never really be sure about the true extent of your problem without hiring an Ottawa-based mold testing company.

Most importantly and often overlooked is the fact that your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of mold remediation and inspection services so we would highly recommend not pinching pennies and investing in proper air quality testing and mold removal services. Even if you are unsure of the degree to which your water damage has evolved into a residential mold problem mold testing and inspecting is a definite must. There are so many small areas that are out of sight where mould can flourish and grow without you ever finding out. Professional air quality inspectors have specialized equipment that can detect minute traces of mold that grows behind drywall, in vents and generally areas you don’t look on a daily basis. As aforementioned, these types of services may be included in your home or business insurance coverage.

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